i need help

This morning in bed with tedprior he was telling me about a movie with Chris Pine. I said, yeah, I know who that is. He said, the guy from the Star Trek movie. I said, oh. I guess I didn't know who that is.

I started trying to explain who I was thinking of.

"He's kind of... clean around the eyes?"

For some reason this made Grug hysterical. I tried to explain.

"He has hopeful eyes?"

I tried to show him what I meant but this just made him laugh harder.

My other information ("His name might be Chris? I think he played a love interest once?") did not help.

Neither did a search of IMDB for "Chris". (There's a lot of them!)

I did image searches for the following:

chris cute eyes love interest
hopeful eyes actor
squinty eyes cute actor

The more I thought about it, I thought he might have blue eyes? And maybe he played a football player in something?

blue crinkly eyes
blue eyes football actor

yielded no results. THIS IS KILLING ME.

I tried drawing him but Grug still didn't know who it was:

I think maybe I didn't make his eyes hopeful enough?

I need your help! Who am I thinking of? He has light brown hair and (possibly) blue eyes, but I can definitely say that his eyes are crinkly and hopeful, and he is clean around the eyes. I am saying that he has a lot of face! His eyes are normal sized but his face is big. Maybe his name is Chris? Or he once played a character named Chris? Or maybe not?

Please post suggestions (with photos) in the comments! Or is you know who I'm thinking of but can't remember his name, draw him like I did! WE CAN DO THIS!

EDIT: It's Chris Klein you guys!!!

Grug figured it out in the shower!

I was so close! His name even rhymes with Chris Pine!

Now do you see what I mean about having hopeful eyes?


afrd #82

This one went up the Tuesday after Christmas, so I didn't get around to posting it until now. Sorry! I really enjoyed my Internet-free holidays, though.

Aaaaaaand... that's it! As I resolved, I posted an Activities comic every week in 2010. That's fifty-two comics, you guys! This was a really good exercise, and I feel like I got a lot better about just sitting down and writing instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. It also really helped me to have the discipline of a weekly post.

However, I'm going to give it a rest for a while. Activities was deliberately designed as a very static, minimal comic, but that means that I'm not really learning anything from drawing it. I feel like I need a bigger challenge this year, one that will push me a bit. So, I've begun work on a graphic novel. So far I'm in the planning and design stage but I'm about to start writing a script. I'm really excited about this!

What wonderful things are you planning for 2011?


afrd #80

Number eighty you guys! Eighty. Ha ha, eighty is a pretty funny word, it sounds like you are talking about a little eight. Just a little eighty, all by himself! Oh you guys I am a bit tired.